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Patient Testimonials

“GREAT TEAM! Thank God for Dr. Truman and his wonderful staff. No mattter what I say, it will never even come close to feelings of happiness and excitement I have today for my daughter’s smile. Her teeth look absolutely beautiful and every time she smiles, I’ll be thanking Dr. Truman and his team. This is the best office for children to come to without feeling claustrophobic – they can see that there are other children just like them getting their braces done. Thanks again!”
– From Mom of previous patient, Pallavi P.

“Thanks for bringing back my daughter’s confident smile! She was beaming when her braces came off revealing evenly spaced, healthy teeth. Much of her elementary and part of middle school showed photos of a kid wanting a confident smile. To top it off, she would come home mentioning how some kids would call her names. This prompted us to seek out help. It was an easy decision despite many good choices here in town. Your professionalism, efficiency and most of all, your cleanliness was outstanding! More power to Dr. Truman and his staff – you keep Henderson a place to smile about!”
– From Mom and Dad of previous patient, Sara K.

“Every month, when I walk into the office, I notice how clean the lobby is. Miss Meagan and Becky always are willing to help me when I ask a million questions! As I sit in the chair after I’m called in, I don’t feel hesitant to grab the color wheel to decide my next color choice. During my adjustments, the staff is friendly and gentle on my teeth. They let me know what I need to do to improve and they also compliment me on anything I do well on. At TrumanOrtho, I feel welcome and comfortable when coming to the office.”
–  From current patient, Mackenzie M.

“Many things could scare you when you are going to get your braces on. I thought, ‘This is going to hurt!’ but that was before I met Dr. Truman. He is one of the sweetest men alive! He is caring and kind to all his patients and the staff tehre are amazingly friendly and delightful to be around. They make me feel welcome and are gentle when working on my teeth. I would definitely recommend one of my friends to come to Dr. Truman’s orthodontic office!”
–  From current patient, Paige B.

“Thank you for everything. I love how nice your staff is and knowing that I can count on you to make my teeth wonderful! You are the best orthodontist someone could ever have! Thank you!”
– From previous patient, Ashley M.

“Wow! Thank you so much! Dr Truman, you have been terrific! You and your staff are so wonderful. It means so much to be able to put your complete and total trust into a group of people who have been so professional, caring, concerned and fun! We have already recommended folks to your office and will continue to do so! Thanks for everything you do and for making our first experience with braces a super one!”
– From our previous patient’s mom, Gina M.

“I liked coming into the office because it was really friendly and inviting. All the employees were very nice about everything. Everybody seemed super cool and helpful. Everything was really nice in the office, too! Thanks!”
–  From previous patient, Alex M.

“I thought that Dr. Truman has a great staff and they are all very nice. It seems like they really care about their job.”
–  From previous patient, Tyler M.

“I enjoyed bringing my daughter to your office. The employees working for you are very professional. Thank you!”
–  From our previous patient’s dad, Joseph M

“The staff was great! Super nice and caring. The only thing is the clear braces on the bottom teeth were hard for the girls to work on. They struggled to do what Dr. Truman asked, but always thought of a solution; but it has taken longer for me to have the braces than if I would have gotten regular braces on my bottom teeth. I’ve had a much better experience here! I would recommend Dr. Trurman to everyone.”
– Brittany Zachary 2/18/14

“We had a positive experience during our time at Truman Orthodontics. Scheduling our visits was easier when Ty was homeschooled last year, but became a bit challenging when Ty went back to school this year. The only suggestion I would make is flexibility in scheduling in regard to school hours. Everyone in the office is pleasant and helpful and we would recommend Truman Orthodontics to our friends. Thank you. Also, having a payment plan was excellent.”
– Mia Crawford 1/28/14

“What a great team you have here. Everything from our payments to the visits were great. Always greeted with a smile and very quick. Your office is always colorful and festive. We will give your office the best recommendation for your services. Thanks for our Maya’s great smile.”
– Miles Smart 2/13/14

“Our experience at your office has been awesome!! The whole staff is wonderful- You guys are a top notch office and I always recommend Dr. Truman to everyone.”
– Corey, Billy, and Ryder Coob1/27/14

“What an awesome experience by this office and the entire staff. Everyone has always been friendly and accommodating throughout our year of coming here. I recommend this office whenever somebody is in need of braces. Thank you so much for making a positive difference in Riley’s life and our own.”
– Marty James 2/12/14

“We have had an excellent experience at Truman Orthodontics. Dr. Truman and all the staff have been great to work with. Making appointments to fit our schedule was never problem, and we rarely had to wait to be seen. Best of all, Ryan’s teeth look amazing!! Thanks for everything!!”
– Jeri LaBarlesa 2/12/14

“Everyone in the office is wonderful!!! Always friendly, happy, never a bad day!! Have never had an issue with anyone and both of my kids really enjoyed the experience. Thank you to all of you and thank you Dr. Truman for a great experience.”
– Tammy R. Dobbs 2/12/14

“I think Dr. Truman and his staff are an awesome team. My daughter was treated very well through her whole treatment. His reward program he has to reward kids that do a great job with these treatments is wonderful. My daughter was able to get herself a couple of gift cards. I would highly recommend Dr. Truman to anyone.”
– Murphie L. Frye 2/21/14

“Andy is the second grandchild we brought in for braces. I am very impressed with the entire experience. Your office is run very well and all employees are wonderful. Dr. Truman is the best and I will definitely recommend him to my friends! Thank you.”
– Anon

“My experience with Dr. Truman and his staff will be one I will never forget. They always made me feel so comfortable with each and every procedure. They were recommended to me and I will most certainly recommend them. Thank you so much Dr. Truman and staff, for you have helped me achieve the very thing I’ve always wanted!!!”
– Jeremiah Lee 2/12/14

“This has been a great experience! The staff here is so friendly and Dr. Truman is such a great doctor and a great person and friend! Thank you for the great care and the great service! We will not hesitate to recommend you to our friends!”
– Debbie Holm

“From the time I joined the Truman team until I got my braces off, I have enjoyed coming in and experiencing what the Truman team has to offer. Having had braces before (somewhere else) I must say that I have seen it done other ways. That is why my family and I switched! Generally, I would say that the office staff is very personable, and help you where they can. The VIP system really was neat for me to see come into play- If you do what you’re supposed to, you get a reward. That’s pretty cool! Thank you for making my experience with braces friendly and as enjoyable as it could be!”
– Brittney Stradling 2/12/14

“As far as braces go, it’s been a great experience (take out the cash and pains). We were happy to have come to the office and doctor we chose. A welcome surprise that the doctor was a Temple University boy. But in all seriousness the only thing that you look for is good people doing what has to be done to make the experience go fast and easy. Your staff and Doc T. are just awesome and I am not lying, because I’m choosing to start all over right here and right now. Thank you,
– The Carbonar Fam 1/29/14

“My testimonial about this office is fabulous! This has been one of my best experiences in a dental place. This place is amazing because the front desk ladies are very nice, the place is very clean, and the tablets are amazing! When I had an exam for the first time I was nervous, but the girl who attended me with taking pictures was very nice, but when I was at Dr. Truman’s office I was not nervous at all. If I had to give ratings to this dental place I will give about 5 out of 5 stars. That’s my testimonial.”
– Anon

“The Truman Ortho staff is nothing but smiles and kindness. My smile is so amazing because of Truman and his staff. I try to request as many people as possible to Dr. Truman’s office. The time I had braces was so worth it in the end. I haven’t had any complaints about your office, except you guys are too good! I am so happy with my end result. I am very glad my sister and I went to you. Dr. Truman is the nicest orthodontist there is, and partly because of him, I want to become an orthodontist. You truly do have an amazing office, and I’m not just saying it. I hope many more patients are as happy as I am. Thank you so much. It has really been an amazing treatment!”
– Kelley Olivas

“Dr. Truman and his team are very kind and respectful to everyone. Every time I go there I feel very comfortable and safe. I used to have pretty bad teeth, when I came to Truman Orthodontics in less than 1 year they have made my teeth phenomenal. I never used to smile or show my teeth before I came to Truman Orthodontics. Now, I love to smile. In my opinion Truman Orthodontics is the best orthodontist out there, and I truly recommend coming here!”
– Jayden Milmeister, age 10