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Metal Braces


Traditional Metal Braces

Traditional metal braces consist of standard metal brackets that are placed onto the teeth with adhesive and are then connected by wire. Periodically, the wires require tightening so the pressure can gradually straighten the teeth and align the jaw

as needed.

Metal braces come in either silver or gold options, and they are strong enough to withstand most types of daily interaction. When they are first placed, the gums may feel a bit irritated, but as the cheeks and gums grow to adapt to the braces, they become more comfortable.

These type of braces are usually placed with elastic rubber bands, called ligatures, to keep the arch and the bracket attached to each other. Those who have metal braces can make it fun, however, by being able to choose from multiple ligature colors – whether it’s your favorite color or mix of colors, or colors specific to a holiday such as Christmas or Halloween.

Watching what you eat is important when you have metal braces. Try your best to avoid eating foods that are not braces-friendly, such as chewy foods, caramels or soft candies, very hard or crunchy foods such as chips or popcorn. Some fruits and vegetables can get stuck in your braces, so if you do eat them, cut them up into smaller bite-size pieces instead of biting right into them. The staff at Truman Orthodontics will provide you with a list of foods to avoid in order to keep your metal braces in good shape, and decrease your risk of cavities.

When you have metal braces it is very important to floss and brush regularly to keep your braces looking good and keep your teeth clear of stains. There are special brushes designed specifically for wearers of metal braces that can get into the crevices between brackets and the different surfaces of the braces.

Don’t forget that follow-up appointments with your dentist and orthodontist are very important. Proper care will ensure that once your metal braces are off, you will have the reward of a new, beautiful smile!

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