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A Little Coffee with Your Sugar? Step Away From The Sucrose While Wearing Braces This Summer

From Instagrammable drinks to nostalgic frozen treats, it’s summer – and sugar is abundant. As it gets hotter, folks will (knowingly or unknowingly) turn to a sugar-laced treat or beverage to help cope with rising temperatures. For those currently on an orthodontic journey, consuming sugar while wearing braces poses a number of threats that can delay and even halt treatment.

If you’re in metal or ceramic braces – listen up. Because the ortho battle against sugar often starts before a single bracket or wire is placed – and it usually begins with questions and concerns about a popular beverage. 

The Morning Fix

“Can I still drink coffee?” 

It’s a question commonly asked among adult patients. And while we understand that coffee is a ritual by which many on-the-go college students and working professionals start their day, it might be time to take a second look at what’s inside that Stanley Tumbler. Because beyond aesthetic concerns like stained rubber bands or ceramic brackets, the true culprit is an ingredient that, once blended, you can’t see; but, it’s one you can surely taste. 

We’re going to take a wild guess and say that, odds are, most people don’t take their coffee black or with just a splash of half and half. We all know someone that’s channeling their inner Seth Brundle from a certain 1986 horror film. And if you can’t think of anyone, you are that someone:

Unless you’re Jeff Goldblum and you just happened to cross your genetics with a common housefly, you don’t need THAT much sugar. But, let’s face it: between June and September, piping hot cups of joe are swapped for iced coffee drinks discovered on Pinterest (that your local barista is dreading – we mean so excited to prepare). The chances of one consuming way more sugar than normal or very high. And, at least from what we’ve seen on TikTok, a public health intervention is in order. 

Samantha, To The Front of the Class

Guys, we have ninety days until Fall. We simply can’t go on like this:


Samantha W isane order at 6:40 am let found samantha please 🤣 #icedcoffee #crazyorder #insaneorder #coffee #crazycustomer

♬ sonido original – Yafreoriginal

First, is Samantha here? Like, is she still among the living? Samantha – ARE YOU OK?

Second, if you’re doing this, you don’t like coffee. Five vanilla shots and a dozen packets of sugar (and almond milk for health, we guess?) – it’s no longer coffee. We don’t know who needs to hear this but it’s okay to not like coffee. Have you considered matcha? Or perhaps a lovely herbal tea?

Wellness check aside, let’s get back to the facts. This is ONE drink ordered before 7am. What about the donuts someone brought to work, or the blended smoothie for lunch, or the ice cream date after work, or the cute boozy boba drink at the rooftop pool party, or the protein bar for that late-night gym session? Sugar is everywhere and those grams add up fast. Over time, eating too much sugar while wearing braces can all wreak havoc on your ortho appliances – and your teeth. 

Here’s why you should step away from sucrose this summer.

Too Much Sugar Can Mean Extend Treatment Time

Allow us to cut to the chase:

  • Did you know that sugar can weaken the adhesive used to bond brackets to one’s teeth? 
  • Did you know that those super chewy treats or your favorite hard candies from your childhood can break a bracket?

Of course you did because the treatment coordinator, the clinical assistant, and your orthodontist told you. Now, we’re telling you. Because the wires, brackets, and bands that were so carefully and precisely placed can’t move your teeth if all that sugar is causing them to break and malfunction. 

But wait, there’s more. 

Then There’s the Enamel Damage and Gum Disease

Did you know that excessive sugar consumption creates a feast for bacteria that our saliva can no longer effectively fight because it’s now mingling with that iced caramel macchiato (extra caramel, of course)? And guess what happens if one is not maintaining a proper oral hygiene routine? Enamel is the hardest substance in our body – and sugar can eat right through it. Let that sink in. 

Cavities and gum disease are no laughing matter. Both can delay and even put a stop to the smile of your dreams. We know sugar tastes really, really good; but, it can also lead to decay and inflamed, bleeding gums. Embarking on an ortho journey means making some temporary lifestyle sacrifices. And guess what? Those 15-18 months will fly by. Once patients see their new smile, they realize that forgoing Samantha’s morning coffee order was worth it in the end. 

Now, The Good News

Thankfully, everything mentioned above is preventable with a daily oral hygiene routine and refraining from over consuming sugar while wearing braces. And, we’ll level with you – no one is perfect. We’re human and sometimes, that limited time Starbucks menu is too tempting. Order a tall, drink it with a straw, then brush and rinse your teeth. And, most importantly, don’t make this a habit. Remember, it’s all about moderation. Do you really want to spend your summer explaining yourself to not only your orthodontist, but also your dentist? We didn’t think so. 

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