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Christmas Treats with braces

Truman Ortho team with vgk Chance

The holidays are upon us. Along with the sparkling lights, holiday cheer, and hot chocolate come candy canes, gingerbread cookies and fruit cake…but does anyone really eat the fruit cake? Well those with braces shouldn’t be touching the later three, we know how hard it can be to avoid them so here we are with some suggestions on which holiday treats you should be snacking on.

Let’s start with dessert! Someone will bring pumpkin pie to Christmas; we all know it isn’t limited to Thanksgiving. Put some whip cream on it and enjoy.  Soft cookies, ice cream, have at it. All of these are ideal for your braces diet. If your mom tells you to stop, please listen, don’t tell her that Dr. Truman and the TruCrew said it was a free for all.  If you have that one aunt who creates those veggie trays in different shapes for the holidays, don’t hurt her feelings by saying raw veggies aren’t allowed with braces. Cut them up small and eat them, they are good for you and will put a smile on your aunt and mom’s face.

Braces aren’t forever and they go faster if you follow the diet guideline and wear your rubber bands (hint hint)! So just get through these few holidays with it and if you do break a bracket, call us sooner than later. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

Posted By Truman Braces Category: Food, General, Health Post Date: December 21, 2021