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Dr. Zach Truman Talks Basement Braces on Local Morning Show

A typical day at Truman Orthodontics Henderson begins promptly at 7:30am with positive affirmations, clinic preparation, and a team huddle. But when Las Vegas Morning Blend calls and extends an invitation to discuss basement braces, you adjust accordingly. And that’s just what the TruCrew did, complete with packing Dr. Truman in the Trumobile and whizzing down the I-15 to the KTNV studio.

We Made the News

The Morning Blend crew was an absolute delight. The show is the perfect early bird buzz our lively desert community needs to start the day. It was even better with Dr. Truman on the couch.

In case you missed the original broadcast, see for yourself:


What caught the attention of the local news are two medical scams that are not only financially predatory; but pose a serious threat to public health. First, Veneer Techs, a misleading buzz term used to disguise illegal and unlicensed dentistry, took over the office (and everyone else’s) FYP. And, frankly, the sight of incorrectly and recklessly placed Temu veneers on top of rotted teeth made our stomach turn. Then, here come the Basement Braces. Because we believe that the best relationships are based on honesty, seeing the aftermath of non-medical grade brackets and wires being placed in someone’s house caused a bit of stress among the TruCrew. As a matter of fact, our sleep patterns may never recover. 

A Social Service Announcement

For veneers, braces, or any medical procedure – one must first be a viable candidate. If one doesn’t actually need their bite or jaw alignment corrected, these “fashion braces” can cause more physical and financial harm. If you are ready to embark on a smile journey, pull up. Dr. Truman, the TruCrew, and Truman Orthodontics’ twenty years of private practice are here to help. We even offer an array of flexible payment options. Please don’t give someone found on Instagram with a CashApp link in their bio your hard earned money. 

And, wouldn’t you know it – the illegal dentistry side of TikTok is at it again. And it’s worse – so much worse. We won’t get into it here because this blog will be another thousand words. What we will say is that the odds of more published posts highlighting the importance of researching and identifying a reputable, licensed dentist or orthodontist is very high. In the meantime, we highly recommend watching Dr. Truman’s Morning Blend clip as many times as necessary for your daily public service announcement. 

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Truman Orthodontics-Henderson celebrates twenty years of private practice. Dr. Truman and the TruCrew provide highest quality orthodontic care in a family-oriented high-technology practice. We maintain a commitment to our patients in every facet of our practice to ensure that every patient achieves a healthy and beautiful smile. For more information, visit www.trumanortho.com.



Posted By Truman Orthodontics Category: Blog, General Post Date: June 5, 2024