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Veneer Techs: What You Need to Know About this Viral Dental Scam

Want to learn more about “Veneer Technicians?” It’s a rapidly emerging “career opportunity” that we learned about just days ago. Individuals with no previous medical experience can learn the science and artistry of this cosmetic procedure in a fraction of the time. These “Veneer Tech” classes are taught in a strip mall by someone in a white coat with no training, no degree, and no malpractice insurance. All you need is $5500 and two free days. Who needs medical school, a PHD, and a two-year residency, am I right? 

No. The only correct response to everything stated above is a resounding NO. 

If you haven’t come across shady dentistry Tik Tok – congratulations. Our marketing department is still recovering from all the misinformation, the placement of veneers over decaying teeth, and braces installed under a $30 ring light in the back of a fashion boutique. Believe us when we say that we wish we were joking. Because in five to ten years, dentists and orthodontists will see an influx of young patients needing to remove and correct the work of Braces by Brandon. 

Thankfully, with virality comes attention. Everyone from medical professionals to patients to concerned citizens are spreading awareness in an effort to identify, report, and ultimately put a stop to this highly unethical and potentially lethal (yes, lethal) cash grab. 

With that said, buckle up. We’re going down this rabbit hole together. 

What is a Veneer Tech?

“Veneer Tech” is a misleading and infuriating buzz term used to disguise what’s actually occurring – illegal, unlicensed dentistry. It’s not only financially predatory, it’s incredibly dangerous that can lead to devastating health complications. 

While we are not sure if this creator was the first to speak on the matter, a TikTok video by user Dani racked up over six million views exposing “Veneer Techs” advertising their “services” on the popular social media platform. There’s also coverage by The Luncheon Lawyer, Dr. Ciapciak, and Dr. Davis – all of which are worth the watch. But to get you up to speed, we came prepared with bullet points:

  • A “Veneer Tech” comes from the same place as the tooth fairy – someone’s imagination. It’s not a thing; neither is a braces tech. The idea of anyone not qualified, not skilled, not licensed to place instruments capable of moving teeth and changing the shape of your face is actual nightmare fuel. 
  • “Veneer Techs” not only claim to provide veneers using non-medical grade supplies from Temu and Amazon; some also offer a two-day “certification” course. The sticker price is five racks; but we promise you that the Etsy, Canva, or Adobe certificate they provide is not worth the cost of the paper it’s printed on. 
  • But, there’s Lash Techs. Do you mean an Esthetician? A hair or nail tech? They’re actually called Cosmetologists. And guess what – they all have state issued licenses. So if someone needs a license and certification to do your hair, manicure, facial, and lash extensions, what kind of education and training do you think is required for someone to dive head first into someone’s mouth?

One would think that marketing illegal services on a public platform is the most outrageous offense. We’re sorry to inform you that we’re just getting started. 

The Most Egregious Lie

Why would someone seek out medical services from someone who isn’t a doctor? Unfortunately, it usually boils down to two things: finances and timeframe. 

First, a cosmetic procedure is not a remedy for the lack of daily oral care. Before one starts worrying about how they are going to afford veneers, their attention should be on actually seeing their dentist twice a year for routine cleanings. Then, a doctor determines candidacy for any procedure with a thorough examination that usually includes x-rays and scans. “Veneer Techs” ARE NOT ABLE to determine anything about one’s mouth with a couple pictures snapped on an iPhone. 

THEN, all medically necessary dental work (such as filling a cavity) must be performed first before proceeding with veneers. The same goes for those looking to address their smile with braces and aligners. Furthermore, veneers done correctly usually require multiple trips to a clinic and ongoing maintenance. Orthodontic treatment time varies depending on the patient and also requires ongoing maintenance. 

So, these “Veneer Techs” defending themselves in the comment sections of Instagram posts are claiming to fulfill a community need by providing affordable and accessible care. It’s the audacity for us because go take a look at their price lists. That same two or three grand will get you in the chair at an actual dentist or orthodontist. Not to mention your reputable doctor likely offers in-office financing and accepts HSA and FSA’s. We won’t demand that you bring cash and we don’t accept transfers via CashApp. Because Truman Orthodontics and our neighboring colleagues are running ACTUAL medical practices. 

Now, we have certainly heard of dentists that provide treatment via a mobile clinic in areas impacted by limited access to healthcare. What we’ve never come across are doctors and orthodontists going ON TOUR. Just so we are crystal clear, are “Veneer Techs” equating medical care to putting on a show? As the kids say these days, it’s all so deeply unserious. It would be funny if it wasn’t literally criminal. 

But, For Real – It’s A Crime

Apparently, unlicensed individuals offering dental services via social media have gotten so out of control, that Boards of Dentistry in Florida and Georgia have issued consumer alerts. The Sunshine State clearly outlined the consequences of practicing medicine without a license within its state lines:

“If a violation is confirmed, the law states that this is a third degree felony as provided in s. 775.082, F.S., and a fine of $5000 per incident cited can be assessed.”

Now, the law is not in our wheelhouse. But, doesn’t a felony charge usually indicate that someone is going to jail? We’re talking about prison, the big house. So, if you are a “veneer tech” currently traveling across the country playing in people’s mouths illegally, your last stop on that multi-city tour just might be the Department of Corrections. 

Read the following sentence very carefully: If a medical procedure is not being performed by either a licensed medical professional or under the supervision of a board certified doctor, run. Because, all jokes aside, this is a matter of life and death. 

The Actual Costs

Since going viral, the Veneer Tech conversation has seen one question repeatedly arise: who is to blame – the scammers or the scammed? 

We at Truman Orthodontics fully sympathize with anyone now facing the loss of time, money, and quality of their overall health. These are family, friends, neighbors – ordinary people who not only parted with their hard earned money; they placed the care of their bodies with individuals undeserving and unqualified to accept that trust. 

“Tech” is currently being used by those who aim to subvert the necessary oversight in place that protects consumers. Rules and regulations are there to prevent and, if something does go wrong, to then hold something or someone accountable. If you are currently looking to embark on a smile journey, please understand that Veneer and Braces Techs are not an option. Taking advantage of consumers is not cost effective, not sustainable, and it’s surely not providing community aid. Because let’s talk about the mouth-body connection. 

Veneers, while cosmetic, can cause further damage to your teeth when placed recklessly and incorrectly. That’s because oral health is vital to one’s overall health. According to Delta Dental of California, “the mouth acts as a portal to the rest of the body. If your teeth and gums have inflammation, bacteria or decay, that bacteria travels to the bloodstream where it can set up shop in other parts of the body like your heart, lungs and brain.”

To put it plainly, an infection in the mouth can spread to vital organs. The effects can be irreparable, with the potential to put one in an early grave. The instant gratification of an unnaturally white smile and that temporary social media flex is not worth risking your health. 

The Real Deal

Say it with us: Dentists and Orthodontists are DOCTORS. Doctors have degrees issued by an accredited college with official seals and signed by their president and dean. They then have board certifications issued by their state accompanied by another ten signatures. If there’s one thing that medical professionals are not short on, it’s paperwork. 

As of this writing, the marketing team hasn’t had the nerve to show Dr. Truman these videos. Imagine going to medical school for a whole decade; imagine opening a successful private practice currently in its 20th year to then have a member of your staff show you Veneers by Veronica putting people’s health in jeopardy. Personally, our heads would explode. And we need Dr. Truman’s head firmly attached to his shoulders because he actually provides top notch orthodontic care to hundreds of Henderson and Las Vegas patients a week. 

VVS Smiles and A List Smiles COULD NEVER.

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