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Veneer Techs Update: From the Local Morning News to Inside Edition

Did you know that Inside Edition was still a thing? Because, we sure didn’t. We admit that coming across an investigative report about veneer techs on the longest-running syndicated-newsmagazine program was not on our 2024 bingo card. But, here we are. 

Before we jump in, a brief refresher:


If you read the headline to this blog and responded with, “what is a veneer tech,” congratulations. You have (somehow) evaded illegal dentistry TikTok and that is an achievement worth acknowledging. The TruCrew, on the other hand, dove head first into a rabbit hole that we have yet to fully emerge from. What we found was, for the lack of a better word, insane. 

First, there were the veneer techs. They are audacious and unlicensed individuals who place “veneers” over decaying teeth. And, in some cases, they offer bogus weekend classes for thousands of dollars a head (don’t worry – you get a certificate that totally wasn’t created with Canva). Then, we found out about basement braces. The news of medical equipment being installed incorrectly under a $30 ring light in someone’s living room has wrecked our sleep patterns. But, a couple weeks and several social media accounts suddenly going private, we thought veneer tech mania was dying down. Friends, buckle up. 

Care to Comment?

Inside Edition has entered the chat. The very nostalgic media outlet for us Millennials produced a segment highlighting the dangers of veneer techs promoting their predatory services on social media. But, the program took it a step further and showed up with a camera crew and microphone in hand. We’ve linked the video for your viewing pleasure because Veneer Daddy was not prepared. 

This seems like a perfect time to remind you, dear reader, of two things:

First, someone doing business as Veneer Daddy (and similar names that may actually be our emotional and psychological undoing) is a deeply unserious person. If you don’t see a white coat with DDS or DMD prominently stitched, run for the hills. 

Lastly, a certain Henderson-based orthodontist recently made the local news where he provided some much needed insight regarding the likes of Teeth by Tiffany and Braces by Brandon. Not to brag or anything, but that broadcast was aired a couple weeks ago.

Dr. Truman Did It First

For a while, the TruCrew felt it best to spare Dr. Truman from the world of Temu teeth and basement braces because he is BUSY – we’re talking about an actual doctor who provides top-notch orthodontic care to hundreds of patients a week. But, by the time the Las Vegas Morning Blend staff came across the TruCrew’s reaction to the dental scam, Dr. Truman was in the know – and just the person to head down to KNLV studios for an early morning chat

If you are a Clark County resident, we highly recommend starting your day with the amazing folks over at Las Vegas Morning Blend. A quick note for our Gen Z readers: do yourself a favor and get absolutely lost in Inside Edition. While we have no doubt that their recent stories are riveting, check out their Flashback series (you’re welcome). And, if you are looking to start a smile journey, we happen to know a guy with twenty years of private practice under his belt. 

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Posted By Truman Office Category: Blog, General Post Date: June 21, 2024