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How to Survive Thanksgiving With Braces

Thanksgiving is a time of family, fall festivities, and, of course, food. Lots and lots of food. However, for a patient currently on an orthodontic journey, it can be a time where anxieties run high. 

Holiday nerves are common as turkey day approaches. And while getting ready for the big day comes with its own unique stresses, enjoying that Thanksgiving spread shouldn’t be one of them. 


As we all get ready to take our place at the dinner table, here are a few helpful tips that are sure to put braces wearers at ease. 

Forget Those Holiday Myths

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At first, the lifestyle changes that come with embarking on an orthodontic journey takes time and patience. This is especially true for patients wearing braces. Once accustomed (and keeping moderation in mind), it becomes evident that there are still plenty of foods that one can enjoy. 

So, first things first: yes, you can enjoy Thanksgiving dinner with braces! While there are some foods that should be avoided, turkey day overall should be a welcome sign of relief. With a little preparation and sticking to smart choices, one can load up their plate without compromising their orthodontic journey. 

Preparation Is Key

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A big gathering means navigating a variety of dietary restrictions. Don’t underestimate the power of a phone call or text – giving your dinner host a quick heads up can go a long way.

Also, it’s not uncommon to bring a friend to a family function. So, allow us to set you up with your holiday plus-one. For social gatherings like Thanksgiving dinner, we highly recommend bringing a survival kit. All you need to pack are a toothbrush, floss, a small mirror, and dental wax to tackle minor discomforts. It also ensures that one sticks to their hygiene and maintenance routines during special events and while traveling. Before that food coma sets in, don’t forget to brush and floss after dinner. 

Ideally, while the survival kit will be handy, the goal is to walk away without one’s braces being damaged. That boils down to smart and strategic food choices.

Turkey Day Do’s and Don’ts

Braces wearers, you’re in luck because most Thanksgiving foods are safe to eat. While mashed potatoes are a tried and true favorite, feel free to expand that menu to include sweet potato casserole, soft bread rolls, cooked veggies, and stuffing. And how can we forget the main event: turkey! Just removed from the bone and cut into smaller pieces before consuming. The same goes for ham and roasted chicken. Don’t forget to save room for desserts like soft pies and baked fruits. 

In the orthodontic world, we have our own naughty list. This list contains foods that can do real damage to your braces, your wallet, and extend your treatment time. It’s why we recommend steering clear of sticky sweets like caramel, hard nuts, candies, or breads, and biting into whole raw fruits and vegetables. 

Give Thanks

Wearing braces doesn’t mean missing out on the holiday fun. Rest assured that all it takes is a little strategy and minor, temporary adjustments to not only indulge, but to fully enjoy this joyous season while keeping that beautiful smile on track. 

From Dr. Truman and The TruCrew, Happy Thanksgiving.

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