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Smile Architects: Highlighting Orthodontics During Career Month

Medicine attracts the best and brightest – and often those who want to make a positive and lasting impact in people’s lives. Career Month is the perfect time to highlight the fact that among the fields in this exciting and ever evolving sector is orthodontics – a dental specialty that addresses the correction of misaligned teeth. 

With Career Month in full swing, March is the perfect time to highlight the burgeoning and fascinating opportunities within orthodontics. Because fixing bites, crowding, and other issues isn’t just about improving one’s physical appearance – it’s vital for one’s overall health. And while it’s an amazing accomplishment to be in the orthodontist’s chair, there are many skilled professionals behind every smile. 

Here are several exciting positions that one will find in every orthodontic clinic. 


Don’t let twelve years of schooling intimidate you. If the combination of science and aesthetics creating life changing results peaks your interest, braces and brackets may be in your future. 

While orthodontists are also trained dentists, not every dentist is trained in orthodontics. General dentists provide a wide range of oral healthcare while orthodontists primarily focus on diagnosing, managing, and treating teeth, jaws, and bite patterns. A typical day for those in Dr. Truman shoes include diagnosing malocclusions, planning Invisalign treatments, seeing patients, and adjusting braces or other devices. 

But when you see around a hundred patients a day, one can’t do it alone. The need for an extra pair of skilled hands has created a career path that plays a crucial role in patient care. 

Clinical Assistant

Under the guidance of an orthodontist, clinical assistants provide vital chairside support during various procedures. The day of a clinical assistant can vary, as there are a variety of tasks performed during clinic hours. These tasks include, among others, taking x-rays, documenting treatment progress, sterilizing equipment, and managing patient records. 

Furthermore, clinical assistants are a key point of contact that builds brand trust and fosters a positive environment essential in providing a stress-free orthodontic journey. During appointments, assistants also help inform patients about their procedure, provide post-treatment care instructions, and help ease any ortho anxieties – especially among our younger patients.  

Before heading to the clinic, there are other team members that help patients set up their orthodontic journey for success. 

Treatment Coordinator

Treatment coordinators, a pivotal role that combines sales and client relations, are the bridge between patients and the clinic. Not only do treatment coordinators keep the back office busy; they also enhance patient care. 

In a word, it’s all about transparency. Every orthodontic treatment plan begins with a comprehensive consultation. A treatment coordinator takes preliminary x-rays, provides a clear overview of treatment and payment options, provides guidance regarding insurance, and facilitates the first meeting with a patient and the orthodontist. 


Where there are medical professionals, there’s also a need for non-medical specialists. Because administrative tasks operate between patients and the clinical team, these roles drive effective communication and ensure efficient practice management. Here are a few roles that fall under the administrative umbrella. 


More often than not, reception and front office personnel are the patient’s first point of contact. A warm welcome either in person or over the phone, accurate record keeping and scheduling, and maintaining an organized office space ensures an ideal experience for both patients and fellow team members. 


Numbers, numbers, and more numbers. Finance administrators oversee operations that include billing, processing insurance claims, and managing accounts receivables. Accurate and timely financial transactions not only keep the lights on; they keep financial regulations in check. 

Management and Human Resources

All those professionals under one roof also need daily support in order to perform their jobs consistently and effectively. That’s where department managers and human resources come in. Just like there’s a need to get patients into the office, the same is said for attracting talented and experienced staff. Managers hire, train, and schedule team members, while human resources personnel address and provide solutions for internal concerns. 


Career Month

The internet has changed the way we do business – and the medical field is no exception. To be a marketer for an orthodontist is to have one foot in traditional marketing and the other in digital marketing. Both work together in order to build awareness, attract new patients, and engage the community. (By the way, if you’re not following us on social media, you absolutely should). 

In February, Truman Orthodontics visited primary schools throughout the Henderson area to teach kids good oral habits – with a fun, interactive twist. The TruCrew led this Children’s Dental Health Month with an interactive presentation, a live demonstration (with the help of some volunteers), and a Q&A. It was so much fun that we caught the attention of the local news – and got some social media love as a result. Just a typical day in the Truman Orthodontics marketing department. 

Align For Success During Career Month

During career month, the TruCrew highly recommends taking a closer look at the world of orthodontics. To pursue this field is to pursue a path that blends science, art, and interpersonal connections. 

Career Month

As you can see, it takes a lot to make the Truman Orthodontics world go round. With constant technological advancements and an increasing awareness about the importance of oral health, orthodontics has proven to be a rewarding field for a variety of professionals – and one that is defined by innovation and making a positive impact in one’s community.

Posted By Truman Orthodontics Category: Blog, General Post Date: March 7, 2024